Welcome to Antique Sales Mastery: Christmas Decorations (formerly A Very Vintage Christmas)! If you're here, I'm sure it's because you are an admirer of vintage Christmas decorations and have a desire to learn more about them.

I decided to teach this course because other vintage and antique lovers like you responded to surveys I took and selected Christmas as the #1 area they'd like to learn more about.

The almost endless variety of Christmas collectibles makes it hard to imagine ever becoming an expert in this field. In fact, very few people are ever truly "expert" at anything.

But when we have a mindset to always be learning and growing, then we position ourselves for greatness!. This can be a complicated area of collecting, but together, we can do it.

By reading the materials in this course, examining photos of the items we'll be learning about, and watching me handle them in the videos, both your knowledge and your confidence will increase dramatically.

Combine that with your "field research," an essential part of the learning process, and you'll be beautifully oriented to start making some positive buying (and selling) decisions.

As you hold objects in your hands and have good conversations with shop owners, dealers, and/or collectors, you'll compliment and solidify what you're learning in this course.

Good luck and enjoy yourself!

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