Dying to know what antiques you should be selling and for how much?

Are you new to the antique business and wondering what to sell and for how much?

Been in the antique biz for a while and simply LOVE seeing what other dealers are selling and for what price?

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Learn Which Antiques Are Selling

See the hundreds of real life items that sold on four platforms: Facebook Marketplace, Etsy, eBay, and my antique booth. These are items you too can find when you're out shopping for vintage.

Discover the Value of These Popular Antiques

Learn the exact price that each item sold for, ranging from $5-$150. Unlike many other price guides, these aren't "pie in the sky" prices. You'll find REAL prices for the mid-range antiques you're most likely to be selling yourself.

Go Deeper With the Money-Makers

Click special "star" links in the Price Guide that will take you to related articles I've written on a variety of topics. They will teach you much more about many of the items in the Guide.

These are just a few of the 200+ pages you'll find inside the Price Guide!

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Savvy Seller Price Guide: 2020 & 2021


VONDRA, Maier Potting Shed

You always impress me with how professional and informational your PDF books and all of your articles are. I have sold antiques at shows, booths, and stores for over 30 years, but I have learned lots of new info from you!

LIZ, Antique Seller

I’ve recommended you to several other seller friends. You are truly a treasure! Always so much good information.

LESLIE, Antique Seller

I have loved your very informative website, subscribed to it, printed your printables, bought an eBook, watched your videos, and just generally 'lurked and learned' for months. I feel like I know you, and I certainly appreciate how hard you work. You and your energy are a wonder to me. Do you sleep?

Hi! I'm Diana Petrillo

I'm the founder of Adirondack Girl @ Heart, a business that teaches antique lovers how to create successful vintage businesses they love.

I've bought and sold antiques for over 25 years and recently created a comprehensive course--Savvy Antique Seller--that trains students how to sell on four popular platforms: Facebook Marketplace, Etsy, eBay, and an antique booth.

You can find me selling on all four of those platforms, publishing articles about antiques on my blog --adirondackgirlatheart.com--and sharing my latest vintage finds on YouTube.

My vintage DIY projects have been featured in Farmhouse Style and Country Sampler Christmas Decorating magazines, and I've been featured in First for Women magazine as well.

Grow Your Antique Business!

Make more money in your antique biz
as you discover what's selling and
for how much with my handy Guide 🙂